The dyes that are used in the Haus of Fiber products and pieces are created from sustainably sourced plants. These plants are then hand-processed into dyes that interact with other natural materials to stain the fabric or woven cloth. Dye colors can vary from batch to batch due to the holistic nature of this process thus we find beauty in the inconsistencies. 

Woven Cloth

The woven cloth that you see in many pieces that Haus of Fiber offers are hand-woven on a Norwood loom in a natural color and then processed with the dye color that you choose. The type of yarn used to weave is specified within the product description. 


Haus of Fiber strives to only use sustainable materials for their products. This limits the variety of materials that are used in production. 


The type of silk that many people are used to seeing has a brilliant sheen and is used in many types of clothing from scarves to dresses. The problem with this type of silk is that the larvae are killed in the process of collection of the material. On the other hand, the collection of Raw Silk or Ahimsa does not harm the larvae inside of their cocoons. Haus of Fiber chooses to use Raw Silk for this reason.


Thread made from bamboo uses a resource that is fast-growing and renewable. This fiber is strong and breathable, some have said that it is the new hemp. Beware that bamboo can be chemically processed into Rayon, and at this point is not sustainable. Haus of Fiber chooses to use unprocessed bamboo. 


In the fashion world, leathers have always been a staple. Haus of Fiber strives to stay within the trend without using animal materials. The vegan leather that we use is an alternative that gives the sleek look without the loss of life that is connected to genuine leathers.