Alexa Graham has worked under a variety of conditions where she has been able to fine-tune many skills that revolve around her love of fine art. While working primary in large-scale fiber sculptures, she maintains an Etsy store that showcases her more commercial and utilitarian designs. 

Artist Statement


Anatomical. Raw. Utilitarian.


Humans come from the earth, roam the earth and it is from the earth that I create the work that I do. The dyes that seep into the threads of my work are sourced from the earth and are created by my own hands. The anatomy of the human body can be seen in the seams, within the colors, coursing through the statements that I portray. Using original poetry, I pull from my human experience and connect the two with the use of text on woven fabric. 


I work to keep the earth uncontaminated. The materials I use are sustainable in an effort to create less waste. 


Art is a way to communicate to many, on an ever-dyeing planet, to conserve and to exist harmoniously. 


“Hereditary”: BFA Capstone Exhibition Carnegie Center for Creativity, Fort Collins CO

"Encroaching": Fibers Guild of Colorado State University Showcase                                                                                           Loveland Museum

A Fibers Affair: FACE                                                                        Estes Park Library

Fibers Guild of Colorado State University Showcase             Glass Box Gallery, Colorado State University

"Skeletal Warp"                                                                                    Two Person Exhibition with Erin Bolte                               ArtLAB, Fort Collins CO

"Beholders Armor. Beheaders Noose."                                       Solo Exhibition                                                                             Mini Gallery, Colorado State University

Handcrafts Only                                                                                          Fort Collins Museum of Discovery

Student Art Exhibition                                                                        The Curfman Gallery, Colorado State University

“Gathering”                                                                                            The Merchant Room, Fort Collins CO 


Colorado State University                                                                         Bachelor of Fine Arts, Fibers Specialization                          

Founding President: Fibers Guild of Colorado State University

Undergraduate Fiber Art Teaching Assistant                                      January 2017-January 2018

ASCSU College of Liberal Arts Associate Senator                                 August 2017-May 2018